Alfredsson to have sports hernia surgery

Ottawa Senators forward Daniel Alfredsson will have surgery next week
to repair a sports hernia, according
to Bruce Garrioch.

“It’s been getting worse and worse. There’s not a lot of time to
really rest. We took care of it. It was still manageable,” said
Alfredsson. “I could finish up the year, but I will be ready to go come

“It didn’t bother me in games, but then it gradually got worse and
worse as the season went on.”

Alfredsson also confirmed that he’ll be back next season, after a
wholly disappointing end to what should have been a good season for the

Seeing Alfredsson struggling in the the locker room hallway after
being rocked by Sidney Crosby, it’s easy to see why he might have been
in so much pain. While the hit might have rung his bell, I’m sure a
sports hernia didn’t exactly tickle at the time either.

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