Kings-Canucks Game 6 link-o-rama

obrienshane.jpgTonight is a pretty big game even if it’s not a Game 7. The Kings-Canucks series gets a rare “marquee” status, not going head-to-head against any other game at night. I won’t get to do this very often, but here’s a little link roundup for tonight’s clash in Los Angeles.

Every player has its ups and downs, so when a team like the Canucks invests so much in a few players there will be some ups and downs. Right now, there’s a lot of ups.

Some people aren’t too happy about Darren Pang calling the Sedins “Twinkies.”

There are a lot of urban-slang definitions of Twinky, none redeeming.

The real deal, as such, is the small sponge cake with the fake cream filling.

Henrik and Daniel Sedin spongy? Soft on the inside? Fake?

Panger says he didn’t mean to offend.

Shane O’Brien half-apologizes for that post-fight celebration. Those O’Briens are a classy bunch, aren’t they?

The Kings are standing by their man/goalie.

Speaking of which, have the Canucks figured out Jonathan Quick? They won’t say. The scamps.

Our own Brandon Worley appeared on Team 1040’s Orland Kurtenblog Podcast.

Alex Burrows is struggling to score but making a difference in other areas. Either way, the guy is one of the great non-entry level steals in the NHL.

The Canucks don’t want a Game 7 with Los Angeles. Also, it is not very interesting to watch grass grow.

Finally, Nucks Misconduct provides a great Game 6 Preview.

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