Hejduk suffered from shoulder injury, concussion

THejduk.jpghe Colorado Avalanche gave the San Jose Sharks a good scare, but in
the end lacked the offensive balance needed to keep up with one of the
more balanced teams in the NHL. While it seemed for a while the
Avalanche might have had the talent to perhaps upset the Sharks, it was
two crucial injuries that might have made all the difference.

turns out that the concussion that many thought that Milan Hejduk was
suffering from wasn’t the injury that was keeping him out of the series.
After colliding with Paul Statsny in Game 3, Hejduk says he suffered
from a shoulder injury that was much more severe. Per Adrian
Dater of the Denver Post:

“I’ll have to go through some treatment with
the shoulder,” Hejduk said. “Hopefully, it’s going to heal and be fine.
But it was frustrating not to be out there.”

Mueller, acquired via trade to in fact be an offensive difference maker
in the playoffs, missed the entire series after suffering from a
concussion off a hit by Rob Blake. Mueller says it was just a normal
hockey play, but it’s a tough pill to swallow for Avs fans who saw their
team completely outmatched after the Hejduk injury.

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