Babcock puts Wings through late practice

Babcock2.jpgMike Babcock isn’t going to let his team suffer from another letdown at home. Last week, the Phoenix Coyotes dominated the Red Wings on NBC after a travel day, when Babcock gave his team the day off after traveling.

Yesterday, after the team traveled back to Detroit, the players were told to get off the plane and get their equipment for an afternoon practice.

“We didn’t win, so we’re doing something different,” Babcock said
Saturday. “There isn’t one player on this team that wanted to put their
equipment on, I can guarantee you that. I didn’t want to be here,

It’s a bold move by Babcock, especially in a playoff season where most teams are giving their players the option to practice. Babcock has one of the most experienced and savvy teams in the playoffs, yet he’s fighting to ensure they don’t have a drop in effort after two great games against Phoenix.

Of course, the plan could backfire and the Red Wings have dead legs after traveling and practicing. You can’t fault a coach who is actually doing something proactive, however.

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