Awaiting word on possible Hossa suspension

Hossa.jpgI’m not going to get into another big debate over the Marian Hossa
hit, although I’m not so certain it’s exactly like the Alex Ovechkin on
Brian Campbell hit. They’re certainly going to draw comparisons, as it
was a hit from behind that sent Dan Hamhuis awkwardly into the boards.

To me, it’s not a clear cut as bad as the Ovechkin hit, as he had both
arms clearly on Campbell’s back before shoving forward. Hossa basically
but an extended arm push into the side of Hamhuis. It was dangerous, it
was reckless and it was unfortunate, but was it dirty and was it
suspension-worthy? Doubtful.

Of course, the fact that Hamhuis was not injured and Campbell was
makes these two plays separate as well in the eyes of the NHL. Some
asked why Hossa wasn’t given a game misconduct; simply because Hamhuis
wasn’t injured and Campbell was at the time.

Per the Chicago Tribune, Marian
Hossa says it was just an accident:

“I tried to go for the puck,” Hossa said. “The guy turned
his back to me. You don’t want to hit a player that way, but I couldn’t
stop my motion.”

Of course, Barry Trotz calls it similar to the Campbell hit. He also
says that the NHL has been fair in their past decisions; I’m don’t know
if he’s being sincere or just speaking the company line.

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