Lindy Ruff on Chara's penalty: "It's stupid to do."

Chara1.jpgThanks to Craig Custance of Sporting News, we’re getting a better
feel for just what happened at the end of the Sabres and Bruins game and
exactly what led the NHL to decide to rescind the instigator penalty
handed out to Zdeno Chara. Since Chara’s outrage was sparked by a slash
on the back of his leg, more retaliation that pure instigation, the NHL
has chosen that a suspension is not warranted.

Of course, with
Chara blindly swinging punches at Sabres players in the final seconds of
the game,
Buffalo coach Lindy Ruff says the penalties are expected.

stupid to do,” Sabres coach Lindy Ruff said. “I think you do
something like that, you risk — and it’s a serious risk — an instigator.
When you come in and start throwing punches, they got to take a hard

It took three Sabres players to take down the
Boston giant, who had taken his normal nasty approach to new levels with
some personal rage flowing through his veins. I picture a mixture of Andre the Giant in The Princess Bride and a snarling, mid-80’s Arnold.

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