Hawks lead Predators 2-1 at 1st intermission

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If the Predators hoped to continue to keep up with the Blackhawks in this series, with a great chance to take a surprising 3-2 series lead, they’d need to avoid getting in a run and gun contest with one of the NHL’s best offenses.

Unfortunately in the first period, the Predators weren’t able to follow that plan. The Hawks walked away with a 2-1 lead after the first period, as the Predators forwards failed to keep the offensive attack by the Hawks under control. The Predators were hoping that staying back and trying to contain the attack, yet were consistently caught deep and were outworked on the forecheck.

This kept the Predators’ ability to get some offensive on the other end from gaining steam, and while they were able to shock the Hawks a bit with the first goal the Hawks will just continue to get great chances if the Predators just allow the Hawks to come at them all game long.