One last gasp: Halak to start tonight for Habs

Halak.jpgLet’s hope that Jaroslav Halak has his confidence back,
as the Montreal Canadiens are turning once more to the netminder — this
time as the Habs desperately attempt to save their season. After
starting Carey Price in Game 4,  who played well enough until a
disastrous third period, the Habs will put Halak back in goal in an
elimination game, on the road.

Alex Ovechkin seemed
to hit on the issue right away after Game 2, stating that he thought
that Halak was rattled and had lost his confidence. It was tough to
deny, especially with the Canadiens failing to hold onto a 4-1 lead late
in the 2nd period. That comeback was the turning point in the series,
and the goaltenders for the Habs have not been the same.

Neither Price nor Halak have done much give the Canadiens
much confidence in their ability to carry the team in goal, but changing
out the goalies each game is not going to solve the problems the Habs
are having. The Capitals, after a slow start to the series, are simply
overmatching the Habs in every facet of the game.

Alex Ovechkin finally looking like he’s having fun again, this series
won’t last much longer. No matter who might be in net for the Canadiens.

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