In effort to 'improve', Oilers fire team trainers

What is happening in Edmonton right now would be insanely funny if it
weren’t so sad. Steve Tambellini, obviously looking to spread the blame
for the Oilers’ woes to anyone but himself, has now fired the team’s
trainer and equipment staff. Per
Jim Matheson:

In the continuing purge, the three
longest-serving Edmonton Oilers’
employees — trainer Ken Lowe and equipment men Barrie Stafford and Lyle
Kulchisky — apparently no longer have their positions.

heart-and-soul Oilers may be reassigned within the organization,
although there is some thought that Lowe, brother of team president
Kevin Lowe, might not hang around.

Lowe has been with the team for 21 years.

Oilers may be using the reason for all the man-games lost to injury this
past season for the firings, but I doubt the equipment managers had
much to do with hand surgeries and back surgeries.

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