Brooks Laich says Caps fans trump Habs fans


Verizon.jpgI’ve seen a hockey game in Montreal, and it was the most electrifying
sports experience I’ve been a part of. It was a Thursday night regular
season game against the Dallas Stars, and it was the loudest sporting
event I’ve ever been to. Louder than NFL, college football, you name it
the Bell Centre was much louder.

Brooks Laich says he’ll stick
with the Verizon Center as the best home crowd in the NHL. Per
Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Blog:

“It’s good,” he
said of the Bell Centre crowd. “It’s tremendous.
Personally, I think our building is right up there with any building in
the league, but it would be comparable to a Montreal or a Chicago. I
think those are maybe the three best, loudest buildings in the league.
But it’s a fun place to pay. I still like our fans and our building, but
this one’s right up there as well.”

Steinberg talked
to some Habs players and – no surprise – they will stick with their own
crowd as the best in the NHL.

Perhaps it’s because the first two
games of the series were so bad for the Capitals, up until the final 24
minutes of Game 2, that the Verizon Center sounded a bit duller than
normal. Contrast that to the Bell Centre; I had to adjust the setting on
my subwoofer at home because the crowd noise was rattling the floor
boards. No joke.

Caps fans will have a great chance tonight to
prove that they are in fact the loudest in the NHL. But best fans in the
NHL? Lets wait until the Capitals have over 50 years of history in
Washington to start that comparison.