Habs melt down as Capitals keep rolling

CapsHigh.jpgRemember a couple of days ago when we were lamenting how Alex
Ovechkin was feeling the pressure, how the Caps looked unprepared for
the playoffs and how it seemed the Canadiens could actually have a
chance at pulling off a monster upset?

Well, let’s just end that
talk here and now.

The Montreal Canadiens have melted down in
three straight games, and are now on the verge of an ultimate
elimination at the hands of the Capitals. Does anyone believe they’ll
put together three straight wins now? Didn’t think so.

What has
been amazing to watch is just how quickly the meltdowns have come. These
haven’t been systematic beatings by the Capitals; it’s been more akin
to predator waiting and waiting patiently for it’s prey to weaken before
it attacks in one, violent motion.

The question now is just who
the Canadiens put in net in Game 5. Jaroslav Halak looked ready for a
breakdown in Game 3, and played right into Ovechkin’s claim he was
‘rattled’. Carey Price, after allowing two quick goals tonight was
penalized for shooting the puck at the celebrating Habs players, then
appeared to take a swipe at a passing Caps player from the bench.

goaltenders are struggling, and this comes after the Capitals looked to
be in all sorts of trouble at the end of the 2nd period down 4-1. Since
then, the Capitals have controlled the series and now have three
chances to put away the Canadiens.

And Alex Ovechkin? He looks
like he’s right back on track. Tonight was the first game of the
playoffs where the speed we’re all used to seeing from him, and had two
highlight goals once again. He’ll be fine.

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