Boyle: Goal was "worst thing that could happen"

BoyleSad1.jpgAs soon as the Sharks and Avalanche game was complete, ended by the
flukiest goal I’ve ever seen in hockey, all mediums of social media
exploded. Hockey fans have control of nearly all of them, and
immediately Dan Boyle became a trending topic on Twitter in the United
States. If you know anything about trending topics on Twitter, then you
know how big a deal this was.

And it’s unfortunate that it had to
happen to Dan Boyle. This wasn’t Matt Cooke, Chris Pronger or any other
player that you love to hate who you can feel bad about seeing this
happen to. No, this was one of the classiest and hardest working
defenseman in the NHL, a player instrumental to Team Canada’s gold medal
win and to the defensive success of the Sharks all season long.

can’t even imagine what he was feeling or going through. He was
reportedly pale and a bit shaken, as would be expected, and says this
own-goal was downright shocking. Per Mike
Chambers of The Denver Post:

I don’t really know what
happened,” Boyle said of his inadvertent overtime “shot” that caromed
off Sharks goalie Evgeni Nabokov and into the net for the Avalanche’s
shocking 1-0 victory. “It was pretty much the worst thing that could
happen to a player, you know?”

After further thought, Boyle came
to this conclusion: “I was trying
to go hard and around, and I don’t know if it hit a stick or what, but
that’s pretty much the worst thing that could happen.”

I know that everyone is pointing and giggling at Boyle and what has
to be some curse over the Sharks, but I’d like to know what the heck
Evgeni Nabokov was doing on the play. It’s not like Boyle was all alone
with the puck on the boards; Ryan O’Reilly could have easily snatched
the puck and put the same shot on net.

Whatever the case, it
gave is this

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