Barry Trotz wants more urgency from Predators

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Preds1.jpgThe Nashville Predators played a somewhat patient game to get a 4-1
win in game 1 of the series, taking advantage of an odd goal to shock
the Blackhawks. Yet there were still some issues facing Nashville,
particularly how the Hawks controlled play for much of the game and
exerted themselves physically over the Predators.

In game 2, it
was much the same except this time Antti Niemi was more than solid in
net. Aside from the Hawks once again outhitting the Predators, Barry
Trotz was not happy with how his team was consistently taking bad
penalties. Talking to

“They score on a power play, we have a
bad shift and then we take two
more penalties,” he said. “When you have back-to-back-to-back penalties
it’ll tax your bench and it’ll probably make you pay offensively down
the road because you don’t have as much push. You really have to work to
get through those penalties.”

The three straight
penalty kills in the second period effectively killed any attack the
Predators were able to muster in the first period, as the team was never
able to effectively recover from goal scored on the first power play of
the three.

Trotz is calling for more urgency from his team, a
better overall team effort. When facing a team as deep as the Hawks,
just hoping for a miracle effort by Pekka Rinne isn’t much of a plan for