2010 NHL playoffs: Avs & Sharks head to OT

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If you want just one reason, and one reason only, why playoff hockey
is the most exciting time in all of sports you need to look no further
than the Sharks and Avalanche game tonight.

The San Jose Sharks
have controlled play for the past 40 minutes of the game, outshooting
the Avalanche 50-16 through three periods. Amazingly, we’re headed to
overtime with the score 0-0 as Crag Anderson is putting up a perfomance
in net for the ages.

His 50 saves in regulation are the most in
NHL playoff history through three periods without allowing a goal. He’s
been calm and cold in net, making every save look easy and rarely
resorting to scrambling to keep the puck out of the net. Jed Ortmeyer
had a the game on his stick late in the third, but pushed the puck just

With Anderson playing so great and the Avalanche being
outworked in nearly every facet of the game, this is setting up a
classic game where the Avs will need just one shot to ruin the Sharks’
night. Outshot 64-19? No problem, they had the one that counted.