Players not happy with the ice in Chicago

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You never would have thought that the ice in Chicago would become an
issue in the playoffs. Phoenix, perhaps. Nashville and San Jose?
Possible. After all, the Blackhawks are an Original Six team and there’s
no way they would allow the ice to affect the biggest postseason the
team has had in years.

Apparently, that’s not the case. Per Chris
Kuc of the Chicago Tribune

“Terrible,” Predators winger Steve
said of the surface. “One of the worst ices I’ve been
on in a long time. It was very choppy, very ‘rutty’ and it was tough to
settle down pucks. We’re used to playing on bad ice in Nashville so it’s
no different.”

“The beginning it was good, the first five
minutes, but after that it
got really chippy,” Hossa said. “But it’s the same for both teams.”

It’s the first time in the postseason we’ve heard of issues with any
ice surface, and that it comes from Chicago is incredibly surprising. 

don’t know what went wrong, or if the arena officials will be able to
change things for game 2, but for a team who’s strength is its speed,
aggressiveness and offensive execution having the best ice surface
possible would be ideal.

In trying to think of anything to else
to add to this, all I can come up with are bad Mr. Freeze

“Let’s kick some…ice!”