More harping on fan atmosphere at Prudential

It seems that perhaps claims of empty seats and quiet Devils fans
weren’t exactly unfounded. While having blogger Travis Hughes claim so
is one thing (although I must note that Travis has as much integrity as
any print journalist working), when it’s harped upon by a ‘legitimate’
hockey columnist it carries a bit more weight.

From Anthony

As someone who sits in the building
for these Flyers-Devils games, I
think I can speak on this subject with some authority.

atmosphere at the Rock stinks.

It’s depressing, for the sport of
hockey, to have a playoff game with a bevy of unoccupied seats.

words, but as we noted earlier today there’s truth behind them. For
those of us watching on television, there certainly seemed to be a lack
of atmosphere in the Prudential Center, and the Devils played like a
team that was just as unmotivated as the fans.

Perhaps its the
high expectations that fans have for the team, or the disappointing
first round exits the past few seasons. Whatever the case, the Devils
need to find some way to be inspired; it doesn’t look like the fans will
help much.

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