Flyers vs. Devils: The fans are getting into it

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With the New Jersey Devils surprised — and honestly outplayed — by
the Philadelphia Flyers in game one on Thursday night, there’s a bit of a
rift forming between the two opposing fan bases. Not that that’s much
of a surprise when it comes to the NHL playoffs (San Jose Sharks fans
absolutely loathe the Dallas Stars and their fans, because of playoff
games), but what’s interesting is the subject this debate is about.

how many Devils fans were there at the game on Thursday?

Hughes and Ben Rothenberg at Broad Street Hockey have
pointed out a number of times
the past few days about the alarming
number of empty seats at the game, and how it seemed that Flyers fans
were overwhelming the Devils fans in their own arena. It started
with a look at how tickets
to the first two playoff games at
Prudential Center were selling below face value.

This has led to
some jabs fired back at the Flyers fans, and in particular BSH,
from John Fischer at the Devils blog In Lou We Trust:

few quick thoughts about tonight’s game after jump. If you want Flyers
coverage, go to Broad
Street Hockey
. But don’t trust them with anything about, say, the
crowd at the Rock. I’ll be there in my seat. They won’t.

the crowd was any indication on Thursday, there were certainly a number
of Flyers fans in attendance. ILWT is playing it off as the crowd
“booing” Brian Boucher when he touches the puck, but anyone who’s been
to Flyers game knows that “BOOOSH” call when they hear it; it certainly
seemed to this third-party observer that there was a strong contingent
of Flyers fans in attendance.

You can’t fault John for getting
defensive; after all, who wants their fanbase attacked in the midst of a
playoff series? But it certainly seems there’s some merit to the
Flyers’ fans point about the lack of Devils fans, and straight out
denying it all comes across as a bit petty.

But I wasn’t
physically there so I can’t vouch for the atmosphere. Travis
Hughes will certainly be there tonight
(as a Flyers fan) and will
have a first-hand report on the fan situation.