Crosby not surprised by Capitals loss to Habs

Crosby4.jpgI’m sure this will get some attention, although it really isn’t that
big a deal in the big scheme of things.

to Craig Custance of Sporting News
, Sidney Crosby says he’s not
surprised that the Capitals lost to the Montreal Canadiens. After all,
the Penguins didn’t look too sharp themselves, and lost to the Senators
in their own game.

“No,” Crosby said. “It’s the playoffs. There’s always
favorites and things like that but it’s one game. A lot can happen in
one game. It’s the team that’s able to be consistent, the team that’s
able to adjust. It’s one game. You have to win four. It’s not easy to do

There are a lot of similarities to what
happened to both the Penguins and the Capitals in game one, and it
seemed that both teams had trouble getting past the pressure that has to
be weighing them down. The Senators and the Habs, on the other hand,
were playing loose and confident and were able to stun two of the top
teams headed into the playoffs.

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