John Stevens for coach of the Thrashers?

Stevens.jpgWith the Atlanta Thrashers moving on without coach John Anderson, and
Rick Dudley stepping up become the general manager, we’re already
starting to get guesses as to who might take over on the bench. The
first name we saw mentioned — in many places — was John Torchetti, the
Chicago assistant coach with close ties to Dudley.

Custance of Sporting News is looking in a different direction:
former Flyers head coach John Stevens.

Stevens, who
has one more year remaining on his deal with the Flyers, is eager to
again and the Thrashers appeal to him as a destination.

Dudley is involved there and he’s a very good hockey man. He doesn’t
sugar coat
anything,” Stevens told “The part of the team I like
the most
is their defense.”

You would think that the Thrashers might want to
go with a more established coach, who’s had some postseason success.
Ken Hitchcock is available, as well as Craig MacTavish. Dudley, however,
is one who normally sticks with the coaches he knows well; I doubt he
hires a coach he’s never worked with before.

Speaking of Dudley, if the Thrashers are looking
at finally getting their team over the hump from “potential” to
“results” then Dudley is their man. He was instrumental in helping build
the Blackhawks, as well as the Stanley Cup winning team in Tampa Bay.

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