Brent Sutter says he and Iginla are just fine

For a team that’s likely to stay completely intact, but with major
personnel questions and salary cap issues, the Calgary Flames sure seem
to have a lot of drama surrounding them. Perhaps it’s us, the dirty and
evil media that is causing most of the issues. After all, the
media was pretty laughed at earlier this week
for even suggesting
that Darryl Sutter be fired.

One of the common themes toward the end of the season was
speculation surrounding Jarome Iginla’s disappointing play. Apparently
this led to some thoughts that there was a rift between Iginla and coach
Brent Sutter, something the coach says is completely false. From Ian
Busby of the Calgary Sun:

“It’s been kind of a laughing matter. Personally, Jarome doesn’t like
the fact it keeps getting mentioned and I don’t like the fact it keeps
getting mentioned because there’s no merit to it.

“That’s the truth.”

He hints that there were likely times during the season that there
might have been heated discussion fueled by the “intensity of the
competition”, but nothing along the lines of something that would cause
trouble between he and the the players.

I’m certain that things
were just peachy in the Flames locker room at the end of the season.

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