NHL Draft lottery live blog

Thumbnail image for 2010 NHL draft.jpgAre you ready for some draft lottery?! Yes, there’s a fair bit of drama to this year’s lottery, mostly thanks to the Phil Kessel trade and what will happen with Toronto’s pick that belongs to the Boston Bruins.  If you’ve missed any of our coverage from the past week, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here and here.

Starting fresh at 8:00 PM ET you’ll want to keep refreshing with us here to get thoughts on the lottery process itself, one that Larry Brooks of the New York Post is eager to change.

There should be one standard and one standard alone for inclusion in the lottery for first overall, and that’s failure to make the playoffs. The 14 non-qualifiers should have an equal chance for the first selection in a sweepstakes that would remove the incentive for teams to lose down the stretch to fall as low in the standings as possible.

That would make it a bit more like the NBA Draft lottery but much more insane and as a fan of utter chaos, I approve.

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