Steven Stamkos ties Sidney Crosby with goal 51

When Alex Ovechkin scored an empty net goal with .2 seconds left in the Capitals’ last regular season against the Penguins, I jokingly asked if he “hooked the tights”* on the Richard trophy.

* – This is a professional wrestling reference. Yes, I am lame.

Anyway, there’s more than a little humor to the fact that Steven Stamkos scored his Richard-tying goal #51 with an empty-netter and that Crosby (a little less than 9 minutes left in the third period) could very well take the trophy with an empty-netter himself.

At the moment, though, it’s Crosby: 51, Stamkos: 51 and Ovechkin: 50. We’ll follow the rest of the Penguins to keep you updated on who wins the goal scoring trophy.

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