Report: Matt Duchene 'will be fine'

Thumbnail image for Duchene.jpgColorado Avalanche fans can breathe a sigh of relief because their rookie of the year candidate Matt Duchene “will be fine” after an injury scare, at least according to Adrian Dater of the Denver Post. Note: Dater’s post shows up in my Google Reader feed but the link is dead. Because of that, I’ll keep my eyes on the situation in case that post was taken down because Duchene is (in fact) hurt. If not, trust that Duchene should be OK.

Anyway, my text was chirping in the black hours of morning, with word from golden, trusted sources that Matt Duchene “will be fine.” A story detailing this and more should have been on a while ago, but hasn’t posted yet so I thought I’d do this here.

We’ll have to get the Avs’ official line later this morning after practice, but my sources are saying, indeed, he’ll be fine with his torso injury.

Again, if anything changes you will be informed. So far though, good news for the Colorado Avalanche. Duchene has been a big part of the young team’s resurgence, leading all NHL rookies with goals (24) and points (55).

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