Habs' OT loss sets up big game for Flyers & Rangers

Habs1.jpgIt’s not the way the Montreal Canadiens drew it up, but the Habs are
headed to the playoffs after earning a point in tonight’s overtime loss
to the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Canadiens have won just three times in
their past ten games, but were able back into the playoffs thanks to
earning nine of a possible 20 points during that span.

earning a playoff spot sets up an incredibly big game tomorrow night in
Philadelphia. With just one spot up for grabs, it now becomes a
do-or-die game for both the Rangers and Flyers. One point means nothing
— the only way to make the playoffs now is to win.

There’s also a
matter of seeding. The Boston Bruins are now locked into the 6th seed,
but the Canadiens could slide down to the 8th spot depending on who wins

A Flyers win and the Habs face the Washington Capitals
in the first round.

A Rangers win and we see a rematch of last
year’s quarterfinals matchup, when the Rangers took the Capitals to
seven games.

I imagine the Canadiens are about to become some
pretty big Rangers fans tomorrow. That being said, if the standings stay
as they are now they’d be facing the New Jersey Devils in the first
round; that won’t exactly be a cakewalk either.

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