Darryl and Brent Sutter don't talk, need 'referee'

Francis of the Ottawa Sun
has some interesting notes tonight from a
Calgary Flames staffer who has come forward to shed some light on the
front office situation in Calgary.

“Darryl and Brent don’t even talk,” said the staffer.

“It’s so dysfunctional. Darryl has been in the league as a respected
player, coach and GM forever, and he knows more about the NHL than
anyone in the organization. He saved this franchise. But his ego, or
lack of social graces or whatever, has reached a point where the people
who can help him find him totally unapproachable. That includes Brent.
He doesn’t listen. It’s a reign of terror. Everyone is scared of him.”

It certainly makes sense, as Sutter (the G.M.) decided to change
directions in midseason and traded away a number of veterans and
important defensive help in an effort to somehow turn the Flames into a
higher scoring team. Trading for nearly 25% of the Toronto Maple Leafs
roster wasn’t exactly the perfect decision, as the Flames were worse
down the stretch than they were before the trades.

I can only guess that brother Brent was left to just make do with
these seemingly random roster decisions, and the Flames played like a
team without a clear direction from the front office.

There’s no question that Darryl Sutter is likely on his way out as
general manager. Could his brother be fired, yet Brent remain as coach?

I wonder what Christmas dinners will be like at the Sutter farm next

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