Goal or not?: Nicklas Backstrom


Since the other two games were more or less glorified exhibitions, this morning’s video fun will focus mainly on the Washington-Boston contest. It’s a good thing that there’s some interesting video to show you.

First things first, let’s take a look at a moment that could have been controversial. This debated goal by Nicklas Backstrom was reviewed over and over again on TV and in Toronto for a good reason: it’s really a close call. It’s important to note that for a goal to count, the entire puck must cross the red line. You be the judge: does it make its way over or is there just a bit more to go before it’s actually a goal?

Personally, I think that it wasn’t a goal, but it’s so hard to say that I can understand why they went with the on-ice decision. I will say this, though: NHL defensemen have an almost eerie knack for stopping goals at the last minute. I’ll never forget Willie Mitchell saving an apparent goal during a Dallas Stars-Vancouver Canucks series years ago. Is there some secret last second goal stopping training school these guys go to or something?