Modano responds to ownership reports

I warned you there will be a lot to come out on this story. Anytime
you link Wayne Gretzky, Brett Hull and Mike Modano together as a
potential ownership group there’s bound to be some juicy tidbits to
come out surrounding the reports. We have the official statement from
Modano, but here’s some more quotes that are a bit more revealing.

Fisher of
, is a Dallas-area reporter who is
about as reliable as they come. He’s known for being to get great
interviews with local players and has forged friendships with many of
them. Mike Modano is one. So it’s no surprise he was able to get this
great quote from Modano on today’s report:

“That just sounds like somebody speculating by sticking
(Gretzky’s name) in there,” Modano tells me. “I’ve never said that,
never had that conversation, never heard of anything like that until
this bullshit story. It’s no big deal; I’m sure somebody (media) is just
trying to do their job. But it’s bull****.”

says in his story that he’s in a bit of a tough spot since Richie Whitt,
who ‘broke the story’ is a good friend of his. Truth be told, Whitt is
known to be a decent are reporter, but this story has too many holes and
too many flat denials to hold up. Fisher states that he believes
Whitt’s sources are anticipating a connection, one that could possibly
be coming from Brett Hull.

Who knows exactly what’s going on, but
it’s pretty clear at this point that Modano has had no interaction with
Wayne Gretzky.

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