Follow up: Armstrong's elbow to Matthieu Perreault

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Armstrong.pngLast night,
I posted about Colby Armstrong’s forearm shiver
to the jaw of
Washington’s Mathieu Perreault. I judged my opinion on seeing the hit
live and with one replay, and questioned whether the hit would fall
under the NHL’s new ‘blind side’ hits to the head rule.

seeing many replays of the hit since then, it’s obvious that is not the
case. Despite Perreault turning up ice, Armstrong certainly came at him
from a straight-ahead direction.
You can see video of the hit here

That does not change the fact, however, that Armstrong’s hit was
dangerous and highly illegal. This is not a case of Perreault skating
with his head down and then getting rocked, but of Armstrong needlessly
leading with his hand and forearm for what should have been a big
open-ice hit.

Perreault attempted to dodge the hit at the very last instant,
which contributed to the hit looked pretty bad. That doesn’t change the
fact that Armstrong’s hit was illegal and he should face supplemental
discipline for the hit. He was not penalized specifically for the hit,
yet was penalized for his altercation with Shaone Morrisonn of the
Capitals, who instantly went after Armstrong in defense of his teammate.

for one I apologize for jumping the gun a bit on calling it a ‘blind
side hit’, which it is obviously not after seeing the replays. I stand
by the fact that this is a hit that should land Armstrong a suspension,
if the NHL is anywhere near as serious as they claim to be about
dangerous hits to the head.