Burrows says Coyotes would love Winnipeg


Burrows.jpgThe rumors are swirling about a possible move by the Phoenix Coyotes back to Winnipeg, and while it looks like it’s still a far off option there’s bound to be some chatter within NHL circles about a relocation.

What you never really get in the player’s perspective in all this; after all, they’re just paid to play the game and generally are shipped around anyways.

But The Province was able to get this quote from Alex Burrows, who played 134 games with the Manitoba Moose.

“I have nothing bad to say about the organization, the rink — the
fans are unreal, everything is great,” said Alex Burrows.

“As far as a city,
I’d tell people it’s really cold, you’re not going to eat at those nice,
fancy, five-star restaurants, [and] your wife will definitely not enjoy
her shopping.

“That’s what I would tell them.”

Now I’ve never been to Winnipeg personally, but I’ve heard the residents and the atmosphere are great. It’s still a relatively ‘quaint’ city, but I doubt it’s as bad as Burrows says. I guess living in Vancouver can tend to make you a bit jaded when it comes to the “shopping culture”.