Thrashers reload with Pavelec in goal

Pavelec.jpgI have to admit I’m a bit bully on the Atlanta Thrashers. I get
frustrated when a team has chance after chance after chance to leapfrog
into a playoff position, then fall flat on their faces when it matters

But hey, they’ll get another shot tonight. This time,
however, they’ll give it a shot with Ondrej Pavelec in net after last
night’s disappointing performance by Johan Hedberg.

Hedberg had an
overall decent season, while Pavelec has yet to exactly step up and
become the #1 option the Thrashers so desperately need. I wonder what it
will be like for Atlanta if Kari Lehtonen goes on to have a great 3-4
seasons with Dallas, while Atlanta struggles with goaltending.

guess that’s the gamble you take.

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