NHL suspends Dan Carcillo two games

According to the official
Twitter feed of the Philadelphia Flyers,
the NHL has suspended Dan
Carcillo two games for his high stick on David Clarkson. Or, as they put

Carcillo gets two game suspension for his
unintentional high stick on Sunday against New Jersey.

I don’t think he exactly wanted to slam his stick into Clarkson’s face,
but when you go to cross check a player a couple of times up high,
you’re going to be held responsible for what happens with your stick. Of
course, Paul Holmgren doesn’t exactly agree:

“I am disappointed in this decision by the league.
This was clearly an accidental high stick and I do not believe a match

Carcillo immediately
apologizing and and looking incredibly guilty while he and Clarkson
‘hugged’ after the check was likely a big factor in the suspension.
That, and his prior suspensions as well. But like I said above, the NHL
is going to hold players responsible for what they do with their sticks.

you poke another player in the eye with it.

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