Carcillo to have hearing with NHL today


Carcillo1.jpgPer TSN,
Philadelphia Flyers winger Dan Carcillo will have a disciplinary hearing
today with the NHL, to be held at Noon EDT.

The word is that the
hearing will be via phone with Colin Campbell and his office.

is always the case with the NHL and these hearings, the punishment is
completely arbitrary and who knows what happens. The fact that David
Clarkson was injured (he needed three stitches) won’t help Carcillo’s
case, but watching the video it certainly didn’t appear that Carcillo
was actually trying to strike Clarkson in the face with his stick.

course, Carcillo’s past will be in play as well. He was suspended four
games earlier this season for sucker punching Matt Bradley, and was
suspended twice last season.

If it was a standalone incident, I’m
guessing it would be nothing more than a fine. Taking into account
Carcillo’s suspension history, a one-game suspension won’t be

But it’s Colin Campbell, so who knows.