Shane O'Brien has made Alain Vigneault very angry

Obrien.jpgAnother player in the NHL is being benched, although it’s unclear
exactly what led to the Canucks deciding to sit defenseman Shane
O’Brien. Intense speculation abounds, however.

O’Brien was absent from practice on Monday, despite
being present at GM Place. Ben
Kuzma of The Province reports
that coach Alain Vigneault was not
very forthcoming about what exactly is going on.

“I’m not going to answer any questions on O’Brien today — let’s move
on,” said the Vancouver Canucks coach.

Asked if someone else in
the organization should be speaking on the issue, Vigneault was short
and curt in his response.

“I’m the guy,” stressed Vigneault.

I can only imagine the teeth-clenched, angry response from AV when pressed by reporters.

O’Brien has had his run ins in with the team before in the past,
although this could just be a case of him getting a bit angry at the
possibility of being scratched in favor of Andrew Alberts.

Or it could just be that O’Brien wasn’t exactly on time for practice.
Says Dan
Murphy of Sportsnet on Twitter:

Dont worry OB fans, there is nothing crazy or
sinister going on with the defenceman. Word is he showed up for an 11
oclock practice at 10:55

Not exactly the thing to do after being a healthy scratch for three
games. My boss always said the only good excuse for being late is —
well, nevermind. I’m sure he had a good reason.

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