Mike Green's case for the Norris Trophy

Green.jpgWe’re big fans of Mike Green here at Pro Hockey Talk. We’ve talked
about how his numbers compare to some of the greatest all-time
defensemen, and the PHT readers all agree that Green is the best
offensive defenseman currently playing in the NHL.

But is it
enough for a Norris Trophy?

Brophy of Sportsnet.ca asks the question.

With 17 goals and 71 points in 70 games, Green certainly has the
offensive credentials. Not only that, his plus-33 is second best in the
NHL amongst defenceman. Only teammate Jeff
‘s plus-37 is better. How much of a defensive liability can
you really be at plus-33?

Also boding well for Green is the fact he also led the NHL in scoring
among defencemen last season, with a whopping 31 goals and 73 points in
68 games. Zdeno
of the Boston
edged Green out for the Norris Trophy last season, but it is
easy to imagine voters looking at Green’s body of work over two seasons
and deciding he has earned the honor this year.

Brophy acknowledges that Green not being named to Team Canada hurts
his chances, but the arguments about his defensive liability seem to be a
bit overdone after seeing what he’s done two seasons in a row.

Duncan Keith is most likely Green’s biggest competition, as there’s
no doubt he’s becoming the most complete defenseman in the NHL. But is
he there yet? It’s a great argument over whether raw numbers will
outweigh the public perception that Green is soft on defense. If you
just watch him play game after game, it becomes obvious how dangerous he
is on the ice and just how important he is to the success of the

Hopefully Green’s acting ability isn’t used against him. It’s not his fault he has the on screen charisma of a rock.

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