Flyers targeting young goaltender this summer?

Price.jpgAccording Anthony SanFilippo, the Philadelphia Flyers will be
targeting on getting a young goaltender this summer. Shocking, right?

to his “anonymous source”:

“It’s already been
decided that our No. 1 priority for next season is to
get a goalie. We have to go out and get that player and commit to him
as our guy.

“It’s probably going to mean somebody is going to
have to be traded away, especially if we go after a young goalie on
another team, but that’s what we’re going to have to do. We can’t keep
going the way we have been. The goalie has to be the most important
target and we don’t want to keep replacing one veteran with another. We
want to get a guy who can be our goalie for several years…. We have to
go in another direction.”

The Flyers have six
goaltenders dress for them this season, as they’ve dealt with
season-ending injuries to Ray Emery and Michael Leighton. Only Brian
Boucher is under contract for next season.

Michael Leighton is
always a possibility for their ‘young goaltender of the future’ but he’s
far from a proven, long-term goaltender. He’ll also be 29 next season,
so despite his relative ‘newness’ he’s not exactly that young goaltender
the Flyers supposedly want.

SanFilippo mentions Carey Price as a
possibility, as well as Corey Schneider. The Flyers would have to give
up some salary in the process, but it appears things are going to be
different in the Flyers locker room next season. According to another

“A number of these guys (on the Flyers roster)
won’t be back.”

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