Gustavsson aims to emulate King Henrik

Gustavsson.jpgJonas Siegal of the Eat.Sleep.Leafs. Blog on AM 640 has some great
quotes from Jonas Gustavsson, as he talks about his reverence for
Swedish goaltending legend Henrik Lundqvist.

“For myself, why I liked to watch Lundqvist was he played a style I
liked and I tried to follow it a bit back then. I liked to do similar
stuff because he was so explosive and aggressive in the net. Before
that the goalies were just standing up and trying to save the pucks. If
it was a good play, maybe it was an open net, they didn’t care so
much. This guy Lundvist, he just played with so much explosiveness so
he could just take himself to all around it, like most goalies play now
in the NHL. Before that goalies didn’t play like that so I think
that’s the biggest reason for me why I liked watching because he played
the game that I liked”.

Gustavsson is on his way to staking
his claim as the Leafs’ starting goaltender for the future, and I’m
hearing that a contract extension is in the works.

Just as
everyone should have expected, he needed some time to adjust to the NHL.
He’s come on strong after the Olympic break, and the Leafs — despite
their AHL caliber roster — are playing their best hockey of the season.

could play serious spoiler down the stretch, and it starts tonight
against the New York Rangers.

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