NHL & Sweden come to new transfer agreement

Gustav.jpgThe NHL and Sweden came to a new player transfer agreement this week,
that is good through the 2011-2012 season.
Risto Pakarinen of The Hockey News reports:

new agreement will run through the 2011-12 season and according to
the deal, the NHL will compensate Elitserien teams $225,000 for players
signing with an NHL club. The compensation is up $25,000 from the
previous agreement. Players can sign before June 15 and players who’ve
been drafted into the NHL the same year can sign until Aug. 15.

“This agreement will generate millions for Swedish hockey,” said Peter
Forsberg, vice chairman of the Swedish Ice Hockey Federation (and not
that Forsberg).

Also, players under 22 who haven’t been drafted in the first round may
return to the Elitserien if they can’t make the NHL
club roster.

It’s good to see the NHL continue to
work with Sweden and get this new agreement in place. The league has
been working well with Finland and it would have been a shame if things
didn’t work out with Sweden. Unfortunately the NHL and the IIHF can’t
get together on a unilateral deal involving all European countries, as
there are issues every season with players facing transfer issues from
the Czech Republic, Slovakia and others.

Also: How many Peter Forsbergs are there involved in Swedish

to George Malik

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