Caps' training facility involved in steroids investigation

A.J. Perez of NHL Fanhouse
is reporting today
that U.S. Marshalls and Florida sheriff’s
department investigators have gathered at the Washington Capitals’
training facility in Arlington, Virginia.

“We are
looking to talk to a few players,” an investigator from the Polk
County Sherriff’s office said before they entered the Capitals
office building that is attached to the team’s practice rink.

Polk County investigator, who identified himself only as a sergeant,
told FanHouse they were here as part of the investigation of Douglas
Owen Nagel, a chiropractor in nearby Reston, Va. Nagel was arrested by
Polk County and federal authorities Tuesday on suspicion he had
purchased anabolic steroids.

Perez reports that a number of current
and former Capitals players are patients of Nagel, although there is
zero proof at this point whether they have purchased drugs from the
chiropractor. This is apparently part of a year-long investigation of
Richard Thomas, who was arrested last summer in relation to steroids and
growth hormones coming from the Slovak Republic.

claimed to have sold drugs to professional sports people,” Judd
said in June. “He said, ‘You pick the sport and I sold it to them.’ We
pressed him further and he said he sold steroids to the Washington
Capitals and the Nationals.”

The Washington Capitals
have said they will have a statement on the investigation later today.

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