Capitals release statement on steroid investigation

The Washington Capitals have released this statement in regards to
today’s news that steroid investigators visited the team’s training

Florida law enforcement authorities have
continued their steroid
investigation following the arrest of Florida resident Richard Thomas in
May 2009. The Washington Capitals are not the target of this
investigation, and there is no evidence that steroids were provided to
any Capitals players.
This has been a thorough investigation, and we are satisfied that law
enforcement, the NHL and our own internal investigation have not led to
any link of steroid use by Capitals players.
The investigation included conversations with the Washington Capitals as
far back as September 2009, and we were and have been fully cooperative
and transparent in the past as well as today.
Dr. Douglas Owen Nagel, a Virginia chiropractor who was arrested today,
is not affiliated with the Washington Capitals and is not the “team
chiropractor,” as he has stated. Dr. Nagel’s office, however, has seen
some of our players for standard, routine chiropractic services.
As part of the NHL’s drug policy, Capitals players are randomly tested
up to three times per year by an independent testing agency, which sends
the samples to the World Anti Doping Association for testing. Capitals
players have been tested twice so far this year. At no time in our
history has a Capitals player ever tested positive.

It’s also important to note that a number of
Capitals players were in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics, and they
were tested routinely while there as well. None tested positive.

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