Are you a goalie? The Oilers need you.

Dubnyk.jpgDevan Dubnyk, the Edmonton Oilers goaltender who has finally seemed
to be the spark the team needed, will not be able to play tonight as
he’s been diagnosed with a gastrointestinal disorder. He won’t even be
able to be the backup to Jeff Deslauriers, since the disease is very

The only issue is the team is struggling to find a
backup option on such short notice, according to Joanne Ireland of the
Edmonton Journal. Torrie Jung of the Edmonton Oil Kings isn’t an option
since the team is on the West Coast, there isn’t enough time get Bryan
Pitton up from the Springfield Falcons.

Another stumbling block is
that any player stepping in would have to use NHL-sanctioned goalie
pads, so it can’t just be some local men’s league player either. Unless
he can fit into Dubnyk’s pads, which is something that Jung did earlier
this season. Problem is, Dubnyk is 6-foot-5.

could throw him into Devan’s equipment but we’d have to look for
him,” Quinn said. “I don’t know what the answer is yet. In the old days,
the trainers would do it. (Equipment manager Barrie Stafford) didn’t
want to do it but (medical trainer Ken Lowe) said he would.”

If one of the trainers steps into Dubnyk’s gear, I can only imagine
what would happen if Deslauriers were hurt in the game. The Oilers would
probably just forfeit.

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