Red Wings play with fire, put playoff tickets on sale

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With the Detroit Red Wings holding on to the 8th playoff spot, it’s a
pretty good certainty that they’ll stay there. They could even move up
higher. It’s the Red Wings and Mike Babcock — they know exactly what
they’re doing here.

But with just a two point lead on the Calgary
Flames, let’s not get a hold of ourselves here.

The Red Wings
website has an announcement that playoff tickets for rounds one and two
will go on sale this Saturday at Noon. By that time, the Red Wings could
have built their lead over the Flames and the doubts over a playoff
berth could be negated. Or they, could be tied with Calgary and the
playoff race is even tighter.

It’s not unusual for a team to put
playoff tickets on sale weeks ahead of time, but it is rare for tickets
to go on sale when their playoff berth is still in question. Perhaps the
Red Wings want to get an early jump on ticket sales, as they fight with
a struggling Detroit economy to fill Joe Louis Arena.

the hockey gods is not a smart thing to do with one month remaining in
the season.

(Hat tip to George Malik and his Snapshots blog)