Bergeron to visit injured HS player in hospital

Bergeron.jpgPatrice Bergeron is headed with the Bruins down to Atlanta for a big
game against the Thrashers tomorrow night. While in Georgia, he’ll be
visiting with Norwood High School hockey player Matt Brown, who suffered
a serious head and neck injury in January and is being treated at the
Shepard Center.

Brown was skating hard along the boards when he
lost his balance after bumping another player, and slammed his head in
the boards as he fell. He’s had surgery to stabilize his neck, and he
and his family have been down in Georgia since as they fight to recover
from the devastating injury.

Joe Haggerty of
, Bergeron knows is familiar with what
Brown is going through, albeit on a much less serious level.

“I heard about it on the news. He’s a person with a serious head
injury and obviously it happened while he was playing hockey,” said
Bergeron. “You never want to hear about that stuff. So I sent a little
card with a note and a jersey signed by me. I just told him to stay
positive and stay patient. Now he’s in Atlanta, so I want to go by and
say hi. I just want to meet him in person.

“Obviously I haven’t been through anything as serious as his
condition. But I have been through similar stuff and I know it is tough
to sometimes stay positive. You get frustrated. It is something that I
want to share with him and I am excited to go see him, him and his

It’s a great gesture from Bergeron and the Bruins, who have prepared a
care package for the teenager. It’s certain to be a sobering experience
for Bergeron, but it should also be one heck of an experience for the
young hockey player.

The Brown family are also struggling with the incredibly
expensive treatment their son is getting, and a fund has been
established to help with the medical expenses. Checks can be made out
and sent to:

Brownie Points
P.O. Box 398
Norwood, MA 02062

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