Notes from 'Hot Stove': Boston's locker room poison

sadbruins.jpgNormally I wouldn’t post so late, but Chris Kontos of The Royal Half passed along this video of Glen Healy on Hockey Night in Canada, which also included an interesting nugget from Pierre LeBrun on the Phoenix Coyotes ownership situation.

First, let’s touch on Healy’s comments. Healy said that the locker room was “poisonous” and that they have “the wrong names on the back of some of those sweaters.” I can’t help but wonder: who exactly is Healy talking about? I often heard murmurs about Phil Kessel being a bit of a … problem, but who might be a locker room cancer now?

Moving on, LeBrun mentioned that the Ice Edge group may no longer have exclusive rights to negotiate a purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes. This thought was echoed on the CBC Web site by Mihira Lakshman.

While the Ice Edge group struggles to get everything in order, it now appears that Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf has re-entered the mix as a potential front-runner to buy the NHL franchise, LeBrun said.

It’s a strange twist to the story since Reinsdorf issued a statement in August of 2009 saying he pulling out as a potential buyer.

“If they don’t figure this out by mid-May, maybe we’re talking relocation,” LeBrun said.

Interesting. We’ll keep our eyes on the Phoenix Coyotes’ ownership situation, even though it seems like we’re far from a concrete conclusion.

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