Tonight's games

The highlight of tonight’s four game slate is San Jose vs. Calgary. Could this be a preview of a possible first round match? Let’s preview the games.

Minnesota Wild (34-30-6, 74 pts) at Columbus Blue Jackets (28-31-11, 67 pts) 7:00 PM ET

Last year, the Western Conference bubble was nearly as convoluted as a David Lynch film. Now, it seems like the clogged section is “the almost-bubble” teams. Minnesota, St. Louis, Dallas and Anaheim are all long shots to make the playoffs and need to squeeze at least a charity point out of their remaining games. 

San Jose Sharks (43-17-10, 96 pts) at Calgary Flames (35-26-9, 79 pts) 9:00 PM ET

When you consider the fact that the Sharks face the Coyotes once more this year and would only really have a 1 point lead if they lost that game, San Jose’s Pacific division lead is perilously small. Who would have thought that they’d have to worry about the division – not the conference – title slipping through their fingers at this time of year? Calgary needs to keep pace with a hot Detroit team if they hope to sneak into the playoffs.

Detroit Red Wings (34-23-12, 80 pts) at Edmonton Oilers (21-42-7, 49 pts) 9:30 PM ET

It’s going to be that much more difficult for the Flames because Detroit is playing against the weakling Edmonton Oilers. Then again, it’s not like Flames fans are going to root for Edmonton, anyway.

New York Islanders (29-32-9, 67 pts) at Anaheim Ducks (32-29-8, 72 pts) 10:00 PM ET

“Barstool” Bob Murray can mock Chicago’s goalies all he wants, deep down he would gladly take their problems over his current ones. At least in the short term. The Ducks probably need to win out to even have a chance at avoiding early golf.

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