'Golden puck' finally where it belongs

We can all rest easy now; the “Golden Puck” is now where it belongs
at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

The puck, shot and scored
with by Sidney Crosby in overtime of the gold medal winning game — you
remember that game? — had basically been forgotten about in the hours
and days immediately following the victory by Canada, until it was found
in the pocket of one of the linesman working that game.
From Matthew Sekeres of the Globe and Mail:

Fonselius, one of two linesmen who worked the Olympic final
between Canada and the United States, said he retrieved the golden puck
from the net of U.S. goaltender Ryan Miller seconds after Canada’s epic
triumph, and remained on the ice with his fellow officials for the
chaotic victory celebration and the elaborate medal ceremony

“Nobody remembered it, not even me,” he said when reached at his Turku
home yesterday. “You know how Canada gets when they win.”

“It was in my bag,” he said. “It was in my pocket, and it was still
there when I came home.”

They are calling it the most important puck in the history of
Canadian hockey (I don’t know if I would go that far, personally), and
the fact that it could have been lost forever in the bottom of a Finnish
referee’s athletic bag is frankly astounding. What I want to know is
how can we be sure this is the actual winning puck? Perhaps he had a
number of the official game pucks in his bag, and had to guess which one
was the right one.

Still, good to know it’s right where it belongs.

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