Steve Downie fined $1,000 for Crosby slew-foot


For every penalty; turn, turn, turn….

For every injury; turn, turn, turn….

For every bad hit, the wheel of justice turns, turns,

It’s not everyday that I defend and then condemn
the same person within an hour. But here I am, doing just that. Thanks,
Colin Campbell.

A day after the NHL suspended Alex Ovechkin two
games for his “push” of Brian Campbell, the league has handed down a
paltry $1,000 fine to Steve Downie for his take down of Sidney Crosby on
Sunday. Downie is a repeat offender, has a reputation for making dirty
plays and was basically given a slap on the wrist for a play that could
have just as dire consequences as Ovechkin’s.

Yet Sidney Crosby
wasn’t injured (although he was hurt momentarily), so I guess it’s just
not as bad. And I KNOW there will be the argument about the Matt Cooke hit and how he ended Marc Savard’s season. We all know there’s massive hypocrisy surrounding this entire situation. But until new rules are put into place, the NHL will continue to run circles around it’s own policies.

Obviously this is the NHL acting on it’s obvious bias
towards Alex Ovechkin, as well as the Tampa Bay Lighting.