Michael Leighton leaves game with ankle sprain

The Philadelphia Flyers tried to score some goaltending depth at the trade deadline, but found the asking price too high went it turned out they were the only team actually looking a starting netminder. They rested their playoff hopes on Michael Leighton, who has performed well enough in 26 games this season. Well enough, at least, after Ray Emery was lost for the season.

Tonight, Flyers fans’ deepest fear came to fruition when Leighton had to leave the game against the Nashville Predators, after coming down awkwardly on his ankle.

The team is classifying it as a possible high-ankle sprain, according to The Sports Network. He is considered day-to-day.

Now, I’m not a doctor but from what my short memory tells me is that high-ankle sprains are generally not “day-to-day” injuries. Even a mild sprain takes about a week or so to get over. So it could be at least a week until Leighton returns to the ice, and there’s a chance — depending on the injury — that it could linger. If it’s a ‘high ankle sprain’ like they mention, it could be anywhere from six to ten weeks for a goaltender to get back on the ice.

Or it could be nothing at all. I just know that muscle is extremely important to the strength and mobility of a goaltender; I’ve dealt with that injury myself, and it took a while until I was 100%.

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