Matt Cooke wins the first-ever Bertuzzday award!


Matt Cooke2.jpg

Your first ever Bertuzzday award winner is … Matt Cooke! Let’s take a look at the poll results (super cute pie graph can be found here):

Matt Cooke: 96 votes (69%)

Colin Campbell: 26 votes (19%)

 “Other”: 11 votes (8%)

Steve Mason: 7 votes (5%)

The real highlight – for me anyway – was reading some of the user submitted responses for “other.” Here are some of the anonymous entries (misspellings and grammatical errors left blissfully untouched):


“Bob Probert”

“Gary Betteman”(sic)

“Maxim Lapierre for boarding San Jose center Scott Nichol” (yeah, I missed that one for sure)


“I have to give this first vote to Corey Perry as he is a goalie seeking missle”

“Sean Avery for being Sean Avery”

Aw, I love you guys too.

Congratulations (I guess?) go to Matt Cooke whose true reward will be skating around the ice with a bounty on his head for quite some time (especially against Boston). To keep things simple, I’ll have this week’s nominees a little bit later today. There’s a good chance Mr. Ovechkin will earn a nomination.