Sharks not happy with 8-5 victory

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You would think that the Sharks would be ecstatic about scoring six
goals in the third period en route to an exciting come from behind
victory over the Nashville Predators. I
guess not.

“This isn’t going to happen again. If
it does it’ll be a miracle,” [Sharks coach Todd McLellan]
said of the six-goal, third period comeback. “For us to have success,
we have to have everybody on board for the first 40 minutes, not just
the last 15.

“I looked up at the board at one point and we were being outshot
30-10 three quarters of the way through the second period. Odds are you
have no chance of winning those games, but somehow we found a way.”

guessing that McLellan had some choice words for his team during the
second intermission. This was the third straight game in which the
Sharks have had to overcome a third period deficit, and they were
getting destroyed through the first two periods.

There has to be a
hieghtened level of concern with the Sharks, who once again are on top
of the Western Conference but everyone is just waiting for another
playoff letdown. It’s almost expected at this point, and frankly I
wouldn’t be surprised if that happens again this season. The Sharks have
a great team, but I’ll change my expectations one they are able to
prove me wrong.

The inconsistent play in March will need to be
cleaned up prior to the playoffs starting. The Sharks are in the middle
of a win streak but I can feel the panic button being readied so it can
be hit at a moment’s notice. Six goals in the third period? Not good
enough, apparently.

I will say this: the ‘U-S-A’ chant at the Shark Tank last night in support of Joe Pavelski’s big night was insanely cool