NHL will not suspend ref-shoving Carcillo

carcillothegoober.jpgPerhaps professional knucklehead Daniel Carcillo was pouting earlier this week when fellow pest Matt Cooke was marinating in negative attention. Carcillo received a game misconduct for shoving referee Greg Devorski (something Brandon discussed earlier) but TSN reports that the sour forward will not receive a suspension.

CSN Philly.com printed this e-mail sent by Colin Campbell.

“I have spoken to Stephen Walkom about the play,” said Colin Campbell, the NHL’s Lord of Discipline in an e-mail to CSNPhilly.com.

“And IF Greg Devorski, who was the linesman with Carcillo, decided Carcillo needed discipline, they could apply three, 10 or 20 games themselves under Rule 41, Abuse of Officials. They decided not to and I am fine with their decision.”

So, let’s review the always-consistent Campbell’s policies. You will almost get blacklisted from the NHL (and suspended 6 games) if you make an immature sex joke. So instead, why don’t you just disrespect officials or take advantage of defenseless opponents?

Anyone else getting a headache trying to make sense of these decisions?

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